HAI appreciates and embraces the entrepreneurial spirit that drives today’s small to medium sized businesses. That is why no matter the entity type, from a single member start-up to a multi-shareholder corporation, HAI is ready to help small to medium sized companies with all of its legally related business needs.

  Harvey, Abens & Iosue is aware that today’s businesses are operating in an ever-evolving and challenging market place. It is for this reason that HAI offers its corporate and small business services to address not only a client’s legal needs but to also assist the company in maintaining its competitiveness and growing its share in the market place. HAI’s Special Counsel services offer companies of any size access to affordable and competent legal services that no company should be without. Many clients find that having HAI available for on-going legal support is less expensive than what they thought and more valuable than they could have ever imagined.

Call a representative from HAI today to see if your existing or start-up entity qualifies for a no-cost, in office evaluation. A business is doing a disservice to itself by not finding out all that HAI has to offer.

HAI also offers its business services on individual projects such as:

Entity Choice and Formation
Based on a client’s current needs and future goals, HAI can advise what entity type is proper for an entity or group of interrelated entities. Examples of entities most commonly recommended include: LLC’s, C & S Corporations, Professional Associations, Limited Liability Partnerships and Non-profit Corps.

Operating and Governance Agreements
HAI can help your company draft and amend a company’s governing documents. Examples of many commonly drafted documents include: Articles of Incorporation, Multi-member operating agreements, Partnership Agreements, Single-Member Declarations and Dissolution Documents.

Contract Drafting, Negotiation and Reviews
HAI’s attorneys have real-world business backgrounds and the legal skills necessary to successfully negotiate, draft and review most contracts an individual or business entity may encounter. Some frequent areas that HAI assists clients in are real estate contracts, employment contracts, contracts for sale of goods/services, Buy/Sell agreements, non-compete and confidentiality agreements among many other agreements. HAI highly recommends that a business has all important or legal documents reviewed by an attorney before signing them.

Risk Assessment and Management
In taking to heart Benjamin Franklin’s words that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” HAI offers its business legal counsel services to help businesses indentify and minimize risk within its operations. HAI can save a business significant sums of money by having our attorneys identify key areas of risk concern. In doing this Harvey, Abens & Iosue often provides insurance coverage reviews and consultations, premise and operations inspections, reviews of employment and management procedures, reviews of marketing materials and a reviews of any other business specific areas that are necessary to help a client avoid the costly and burdensome process of being drug into the litigation process.

Counsel and Compliance Services
HAI knows that the business world does not operate in “black and white” terms and more often than not involves a lot of “gray” areas. It is for this reason that HAI services are so important for business decision makers when they are faced with complex or legally precarious decisions. It is no secret that the biggest businesses in the world employ “general counsel,” or even entire legal departments, to help them navigate the business and legal worlds that so often intertwine. There is no reason why your company cannot do the same. HAI offers many affordable options for a business seeking the advantage of having a law firm’s advice and expertise available via an on-going, budget-friendly basis.

HAI provides comprehensive litigation services for businesses, officers, agents, shareholders and the like. Please see our “Litigation Services” tab for a more complete look at HAI’s litigation services.