As result of HAI’s diverse attorney pool, HAI is capable of providing personalized solutions for almost any needs an individual who has an encounter with the criminal justice system may have.

  Criminal and Traffic Violation Defense
Having a thorough understanding of the criminal law process and experience in the vast majority of municipal and common pleas courts in northeast Ohio, HAI can effectively represent clients in misdemeanor and felony, criminal and traffic matters on a cost-efficient basis. HAI knows that the “long-arm” of the law can sometimes be overreaching and sometimes clients need their Constitutional rights zealously advocated. Representing literally hundreds of clients in criminal matters, HAI has experience in successfully defending numerous matters including: OVI (DUI), domestic violence, assault, theft, burglary, drug related crimes, and traffic matters among other areas. HAI is aware of what is at stake for a criminal defendant and understands that strong advocacy is needed to overcome an overly zealous prosecutor or police department. HAI's unique, client-centered approach ensures that you are not only strongly represented in court, but that you have are given the confidence on a personal level to handle the difficult pressures and stress that encounters with the criminal justice system often bring about. Contact HAI for a free evaluation and cost estimate relating to the defense of your case.

Civil Protection Orders
HAI has represented many clients in helping them successfully acquire and defend civil protection order actions. If you have been a victim of domestic violence and still are in fear of serious physical harm or are being continuously stalked by a person, call HAI to see if civil protection is proper for you. Conversely, many CPO actions can be successfully defended or resolved without a full hearing. HAI has significant experience with civil protection orders. Call HAI today for a free evaluation and cost estimate relating to your civil protection order matter. 

Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation Fund
If a person is a victim of a violence-related crime and suffers out of pocket expenses (medical bills, missed  days from work, psychotherapy bills, criminal protection order attorney fees, etc.) as a result of the violent crime then that person could be eligible for reimbursement of those out of pocket expenses from the Ohio Victim of Crime Compensation Fund. If eligible, a person is entitled to have all of his/her legal fees covered related to the submission and processing of your application. If you have been a victim of a violent crime, you should call HAI immediately to see what rights you have under the compensation program. This wonderful program can provide a victim up to $50,000.00 in benefits to qualifying victims. If you qualify to receive benefits under this service, ALL of your attorney fees relating to you acquiring benefits from the victim compensation program will FREE of charge to you. Call today to see if you satisfy the requirements to qualify for the Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation Program. Any legal services HAI would provide in the application or submission process will be absolutely FREE. If you have been a victim of a violent crime, call HAI immediately for a no cost evaluation of your situation and the rights to expense recoupment you may have. 

Administative Actions and Appeals
Should a client find itself defending or pursuing an action in an administrative agency, Harvey, Abens & Iosue can ensure that the client’s interests are properly advanced. Do not enter into the administrative agency process without being fully aware of the vast powers many agencies have and the effects these powers could have on your particular situation.