Knowing the difficulty and delicate nature of many of the decisions surrounding this area of law, HAI offers individuals and families highly attentive, need based services when dealing with estate planning documents or the processes involved with the recent death of a loved one. Whether it is ensuring that all of your worldly possessions are being passed on in the proper manner or complying with the difficult probate and/or trust administration process, HAI is available for all of an individual’s or family’s estate planning and probate needs.

  The estate planning and probate process often sadly reminds clients of their own mortality. However the difficult emotions that death brings about should certainly not deter an individual or family from properly and legally handling the estate planning process or the administration of a loved one’s estate. This is why qualified legal counsel should always be consulted for planning or administering an estate. For these reasons HAI is proud to offer the following services.

Estate Planning
What you decide in a will or trust can be one of the most important decisions an individual will make in his/her lives. How all of your assets are to be distributed upon death or whom shall be guardian of your minor child after you die are all supremely important decisions that should only be made after being fully educated about your options and the processes involved with them.

Most people vastly underestimate the value of estate planning documents and, even more so, are not educated as to how they work and the differences between them. Using an education-based process, centered on the clients individualized needs, HAI will meet with a client to determine a client’s needs and goals, and suggest an estate plan that best fits those needs and goals. There are many important considerations that go into the estate planning process, most of which go improperly unnoticed without the advice of legal counsel. Do not make the mistake of relying on the internet or a non-attorney’s advice when making the supremely important decisions involving your estate plan. From simple wills to complex trusts, HAI provides a full array of plans to fit almost any individual’s needs.

Other Planning Documents
Do you want to enable loved ones to make medical decisions for you should you be unable to do so for yourself? Do you wish for a person to be able to make financial decisions for you and act on your behalf when you are unable to do so for yourself? Do you want your loved ones to know whether you wish to be cremated or not and where you wish your final resting place to be?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or did not know that you had these options available to you, it is quite possible that you need a durable power of attorney, health care power of attorney, a living will and/or many of the other documents HAi provides its estate planning clients.

The stakes involved in the estate planning process warrant the careful attention and advice of legal counsel. Do not let cost or misconceptions about estate planning dissuade you from seeking qualified legal advice from HAI. The results of not doing so could be financially and personally devastating to the family left behind after your death.

Probate and Estate Administration Services
Legal concerns are usually the last thing someone wants to handle when dealing with the recent death of a loved one. However, Ohio law imposes certain legal duties upon certain people when a person dies. If you are person named as an executor, administrator or trustee, you have certain legal obligations that are very important and usually very time sensitive. The probate and/or trust administration process can often times be complex and full of pit falls. It is for this reason that a person should consider the services of HAI when embarking upon the duties of an executor or trustee. Probate courts impose strict duties and deadlines upon executors/administrators that, if not adhered to, can cause disastrous outcomes (and expose you to personal liability). Similarly trustees acting improperly can find themselves in hot water quickly if they are not legally acting within the parameters set forth in the trust agreement and in accordance with fiduciary duties imposed by law.

If you are acting in an executor, personal representative or trustee capacity it is advisable to contact HAI to learn more about the affordable legal services it can provide you. Call an HAI representative anytime at (440) 816-1470 for a free review and dialogue about your Estate Planning and/or Probate Administration services needs.