HAI has the knowledge, compassion and experience to help its clients navigate the complexities and various nuances involved in the litigation process. By emphasizing thoroughness and client communication, HAI is able to produce litigation outcomes that are best aligned with a client’s needs and desires. To effectively serve its clients, HAI has the unique ability and professional range to either vigorously try a case to a full jury verdict or adeptly negotiate pre-suit, amicable settlement agreements between parties and everything else in between. It is this ability to competently handle a case from its inception, through the litigation process to its entirety that separates HAI from other boutique litigation firms in the area. HAI is proud of its history of providing “small firm” service with “big firm” results. Contact a representative of HAI for a free consultation and cost estimate for your litigation needs.

  Commercial Litigation
• Breach of Contract
• Declaratory Judgments
• Premise Liability
• Injunctive Relief
• Insurance Coverage
• Employment Contracts
• Debt Collection
• Breach of Fiduciary Duty
• Fraud/Misrepresentation
• Piercing the Corporate Veil/Alter Ego

Employment Law
• Age, Race, Sex, Disability,
  National Origin, Religion
• Retaliation and Whistleblower
• Hostile Work Environment
• Sexual Harassment
• Wage and Hour violations
• OCRC/EEOC/NLRB actions

Real Estate
• Eminent Domain
• Zoning/BZA Appeals-Land Use
• Takings Clause
• Mortgage/Lender Disputes
• Landlord/Tenant-Evictions
• Breach of Real Estate and/or
  Broker’s Agreement

Consumer Protection Law
• Ohio and Federal Consumer
   Protection Acts
• Breach of Warranty
• Vendor Non-Performance
• Product Liability
• Unfair/Deceptive Business Practices
• Legal Malpractice
• Class Actions

  Insurance Law
• Coverage Determination
  (extent or existence of)
• Bad Faith Negotiations
• Subrogation
• Benefit Disputes

General Tort Law
• Personal & Real Property Disputes
• Personal Injury
• Fraud/Misrepresentation
• Defamation/Libel
• Conversion

Appellate Advocacy
HAI’s litigation staff has extensive experience in the appellate court process. HAI can prepare persuasive appellate briefs and deliver forceful and effective appellate arguments. HAI has appellate experience in a wide range of criminal, civil and administrative matters.

The above-listed services are only a sampling of the litigation services HAI provides. Please contact HAI directly with your specific litigation needs.