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  Question: After a 14 year computer programming career, I decided to start my own software consulting company with two other former co-workers. We have a host of questions to ask. We don’t really even know where to start…do we form a partnership or a corporation or LLC? We have a basic idea on how we want the business to operate but just don’t know how to get it off the ground. What should be our biggest concerns and considerations? Can Harvey, Abens & Iosue assist us in these matters?

Answer: Harvey, Abens & Iosue certainly can assist a client in the formation and maintenance of their business start-up. Each business is unique and different and will require in-depth communications concerning every facet of its operations in order for Harvey, Abens & Iosue to effectively assist in the formation, operation and growth of the company. Clients can take comfort in knowing that Harvey, Abens & Iosue not only provides the quality legal advice and representation one should expect from one’s law firm, but it also provides real world business advice and solutions to problems that small to medium sized businesses often incur.

The first step in any business formation is deciding what status the company wishes to operate under. In Ohio, these entities include but, are not limited to, sole proprietorships, partnerships, c-corporations, s-corporations, and LLC’s. When assisting a start-up client, Harvey, Abens & Iosue will do a comprehensive study of the client’s business and goals to determine which entity type is proper. When choosing any entity type, Harvey, Abens & Iosue will offer options that will provide the business with flexibility, ease of operation and help limit the client’s personal exposure from the debts and/or liabilities of the business itself.

Because there are also important tax implications, it is imperative to consult with an attorney or certified public accountant in order to make an informed choice of entity decision.

In addition to the services referenced above, Harvey, Abens & Iosue can provide various other legal services for companies and organizations such as: general contract drafting and negotiation, creating and implementing internal policy documents, creating employee handbooks, drafting sales and vendor/supplier agreements, drafting buy/sell agreements, forming non-compete agreements, drafting licensing agreements, assisting in negotiating and drafting real estate/lease transactions, instituting collections actions, and general business litigation support.