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At H+A, we administer, manage, and defend workers’ compensation claims for employers in the state of Ohio.  We provide comprehensive risk management services to administer claims procedures and long term strategies for our clients in order to defend cases aggressively, while managing workers’ compensation costs effectively.


Our practice includes representation of employers in all aspects of workers’ compensation defense throughout the state of Ohio, which includes workers’ compensation audits to determine how they can minimize injury-related costs and liabilities; Industrial Commission and Bureau of Workers’ Compensation proceedings including any type of injury and occupational diseases; VSSR (Violation of a Specific Safety Requirement) actions; Court of Common Pleas appeals; Handicap reimbursement proceedings and the Bureau Adjudicating Committee proceedings.


In addition, we manage the day-to-day protocol and claims activity and become involved in the company’s claims and risk history.

Workers' Compensation

Third Party Administration

Manage claims to reduce exposure

Group Discounting


Administrative and Court Hearings

Premium Reductions

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